A list of frequently asked questions on Chateno

1. Does it cost anything to use Chateno?

Answer is- No

2. Do i have to register to use the free chat room?

Answer is – No, but you can register a name that is unique to you if you want.

3. Do i have to register to use the forums?

Answer is – Yes

4. Do i have to pay to use the cam2cam feature?

Answer is – No

5. How do I report bad behavior in one of our free chat rooms, forums or cam2cam?

Answer is ā€“ Contact page

6. What do I do if i have been wrongly banned from the free chat room or forums?

Answer i sā€“ Contact us page and let us know why you think you were unfairly banned.

7. What can I do to ban Chateno from my computer or IP address?

Answer is ā€“ Wite us we can ban your ip from our servers or install software

8. What should I do if my question is not on here?

Answer is ā€“ Use the contact us page to let us know your question and we will do our best to respond quickly.